Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"To hide one lie, a thousand lies are needed."

This simple little proverb is really on point.

When you are dealing with a lie, you are dealing with deception.

And when you are dealing with lies piled on top of lies piled on top of a ton of lies it needs a lot of focus and honesty to burn away the bullshit and dross.

All lies, no matter how innocent, are fucking snakes. They will indefinitely bite you and leave you helpless while you are paralyzed by their poison awaiting your own death.

There are tons of lies out there and to battle them all will require a lot of courage and time. But there is one core process, one singular lie, that is so fucking wretched that it can make satan puke.

Its the foundational fertile ground on which every other kind of deception finds its roots and grows. 

Its the one fucking spider that is spinning a web of lies..... no matter how many times you try and destroy the web, if you don't kill the spider the web will be back up in no time. 

The stink of that one lie is this - it makes itself look innocent. It fucking deceives you - to the core. You might look at it and go - 'oh, it doesn't seem so bad' - and thats when the lie traps you again.... the spider is a spider-cum-chameleon.. it changes its color and shows you like its made up of white holy light... but in actuality is the devil in god's costume.

The lie that I am talking about, and which you have fallen for is this - Its 'YOU'.

Yes, 'YOU'.

'YOU' are a lie.

The 'YOU' that you think is experiencing life. The 'YOU' that you think is observing it. The 'YOU' that you think is living life.

But there is no 'YOU'. The lie caught you into believing something there was. But there isn't. There isn't a 'YOU' that was a cause, the owner, the SEER.......

There existed an assumption of a 'YOU', a mirage, a thought, an illusion..... but illusions aren't real... they just fool you into thinking that they are.

'YOU' is the lie that humanity has fallen for.

Recognize this.

There is no 'you'. Never was.

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