Clarity - You Don't Exist

The simple truth is - 'you don't exist'

This is something which you are not supposed to believe or agree to, but it something which you simply have to sit back and ponder over. You will come to realize this truth if you look inside and inquire about yourself honestly. It is mightily powerful if you really realize this thing. 

Let me give you an example which might help you to understand this thing -

When you look at a table in front of your eyes, the mind assigns certain attributes to it -
1. it has 4 legs
2. it is brown in color
3. it has 5ft X 6ft dimensions 
4. it stands on the floor

the table in front of your eyes is a real entity - it exists... and the mind prescribes certain attributes to the table.
the attributes describe the table - which is a real thing. 

but what if there was no table at all and the mind imagined there was one and prescribed certain attributes to that imaginary table.. 
1. it is black in color
2. it has 4 legs
3. it has 4ft X 6ft dimensions etc

the imagined attributes will give the description of that table, will give the table its shape and form... but the table will remain imaginary... it will have no real existence because it is an imagination of the mind... it will seem to exist because the mind made it up, but it won't have any real existence... 

This is what the mind has been doing... 
The mind has prescribed certain attributes to an imaginary/illusionary *you*... 
1. you think 
2. you see
3. you hear
4. you feel
5. you breathe
6. you are good in maths
7. you can't play baseball 

But there is no *you* !!!
If you look inside, you will find there is no *you* which is a real entity which is in existence at all!... 
*you* are just a figment of imagination of the mind with all the attributes it gave to describe *you*... 

*you* are as real as the table imagined by the mind....

Look inside and find if there exists a certain entity which is *you*... don't look at the attributes and the descriptions... just look for *you*... and you will find that *you are an illusion*... *you are a lie*... *you dont exist*...

Try to give this thing a shot. 

Please don't just sit back and start believing that *you don't exist* because now you understand this thing intellectually and so you are now free to go back to sleep... and please don't fake it if you are yet to realize this... you will only be fooling yourself.

Be honest. Go and realize this truth first hand. You won't be disappointed if you really realize this thing, I promise.

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