The 'I' Thought Pointer

The mind works in terms of labels or thoughts. Any object that the mind ever encounters is labelled; and anytime that object appears, the mind immediately finds the label or thought it had associated the object with. 

The thoughts/labels associated with a particular object has no direct relation to the object present in reality itself except providing the mind with something to associate the object with. The same object can have different thoughts associated with it as the same thing is referred differently by people speaking different languages - as a glass of water is associated with a different set of thoughts/labels in English than say in Spanish. 

Any object in reality that the mind ever encounters is labelled, or in other words, every thought the mind thinks has a direct counter part in reality which the thought serves to point towards. Except that the only object the mind never encounters is - *I*. The thought of *I* is the only thought that has no counter part in reality.

The reason why a thought of *I* comes to the mind in the first place is because the mind processes everything in terms of cause and effect and thus deduces that there must be a doer behind the actions done by the mind and the body. This basic assumption of a doer, of an *I*, is why the thought of *I* emerges. Except that there isn't any *I* which is the doer; the only doer is Life itself. And *I* is not Life. 

The thought of *I* is atmost a thought pattern which is circular in nature - not pointing towards anything in reality but instead acting like a pointer pointing itself - a thought of *I* giving the impression of an actual object present in reality. But ultimately the thought of *I* is just a thought and it points to nothing. 

In reality - There is no *you*.

Correct this basic error of assuming the presence of an *I* - Get Liberated.

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