Friday, March 18, 2011

Your character and stuff

Its been about 3 days since I read Ciaran's post on 'The Act', and I gotta say, that it really is something.

So far there have been two core things that have come out of RT :

1. There is no 'you'
2. 'Maverick' (or whatever your name is) is a real fiction

The first statement really is the gate... to see the truth in it takes away all sorts of bullshit you have piled upon a tiny little thing which you refer to as your 'self'.

But, inspite of recognizing this fact of 'no self', you and your entire makeup remain pretty much the same.

Its because the character that is being played does not change.

To cover the fact of 'no you' the mind spins a brilliant character, brilliant in its texture and emotions.

A Real Fictional Character. What people commonly refer to as 'identity'.

I prefer the word 'character' since it is a much better way to describe such a thing, because identity begs the question - 'who are you?' - which for a person who is yet to recognize 'no you' seems like contradicting messages.

Seeing no 'you' is simple because you just have to recognize that the thing which you thought previously existing in real life doesn't.
But it gets quite interesting with this character thing.... this character that is spun is entirely fictional, but it exists. A real fiction.

Like watching a disney (or horror) movie... ofcourse the movie's story doesn't play out in real life exactly and its all make belief... but it still is there in the theatre for everyone to see.

Its a performance, a process of creative imagination brought into real life.... its a real creation based on an imaginary character.

Its freaking wonderful to be able to see this thing.... it really gives you that 'zen on drugs' type thing.

But anyway, much more thoughts to explore in this area.

Hope you're all doing good - check out RT n you'll find many cool things such as this, be able to get liberated from the 'self' etc.. and ofcourse one lucky winner will get instant abs.


  1. heh heh instant abs. I get the feeling I'm going about this all wrong. How do I see this character? What do I do?

  2. hey stephen! sorry for replying so late man. i read a few posts from your blog and i get the feeling that you really do get it...

    i am still working on describing it better and keeping a firm grasp on it in real life... but i found tolle's description helpful in this matter.. like when he goes into 'object consciousness' and 'space consciousness'..
    i equated them as
    object consciousness = character and
    space consciousness = the background which sort of witnesses all this shit and where it all this unfolds etc...
    so i guess all that content that you can spew - thoughts, emotions, beliefs etc.. all that count for that character, and observing yourself do it and seeing the structure of your character being built etc gives you some distance with all that content and allows you to get into that zen presence shit...

    hmm...thats all i can think of right now with this hangover i hav got ;b...

    any good breakthroughs in the vanguard etc?