Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't be a Pussy. Don't be a Bitch.

Yesterday I went through one of StepVheN's recent pieces - Emasculation of motivation - and to me it was a very interesting read.

I was thinking about this later and trying to co-relate why people who completely lack any motivation to do things often mask their apathetic and indifferent attitude in the name of being 'spiritually above' what's actually going on.

I think that's a serious issue that needs addressing. I thought about this and came up with 3 paradigms we might tend to operate in.

Paradigm 1 : Being A Pussy 

I remember Ciaran once speaking about how life is a spectrum of everything and there are quite a lot of people who try to limit their experience to only a specific portion of that spectrum, trying to live as if the rest didn't exist.... Hmm... why would anyone do that?!

The only reason I can think of right now is that they do it for the simple reason of not being brave enough.

They're in essence afraid of being hurt.

Afraid of the complexities of life and of what life might through at them.

Afraid of having their expectations go unfulfilled etc.

And in their fear they give up hope and reside in the "All is good" feel good crap mentality - "There's no way to go and there's no action that needs to be taken for all is perfect."

They live by the code - 'If you can be okay with anything that's going on then you can't get hurt."

Bull crap.

Now at some level, that code really is a good code to live by... but only if you've the right paradigm to adopt this code. (see paradigm 3)

Many people who are pathetic idle fucks use this code to justify their lack of motivation for doing something worthwhile.

That's being a pussy.

By living your life like this you sure can come across as someone who is calm on the surface but that superficial indifference has no solid foundation and roots... and by playing the role of "I am the everything's alright even if it's not guy" you happen to only give up your responsibility to take action and make a positive difference in your life and in the world around you.

Don't be such a pussy.

Life is not a bed of roses and stop acting like it is one.

Paradigm 2 : Being A Bitch

Now, on the flip side there are people for whom life isn't a bed of roses and they don't try to escape it and they clearly do suffer from it.

These are often honest people who at least try to make efforts to better their lives, if not make the world better.

These are the kind of people who try to do things but when their efforts end in failure they're severely disappointed and frustrated.

The problem with these kinds of guys is that they tend to be little bitches on the inside.

Anything good or bad that happens to them, they make too big a deal about it. That is why they're always anxious and restless at the core. They basically need to "get over themselves" and realize that the world doesn't revolve around them.

That's what "having an ego" basically means .... not in the egotistical, proud sense of the word... but rather in the sense that Tolle talks about... "being too involved in their life-situation and story"...
(I personally find such phrases to be too vague and useless especially because misunderstanding them can often lead you to be an idle pussy who foolishly doesn't take life seriously AT ALL)

Don't be such a bitch.

Realize that the world doesn't spin around you. Don't make a big deal out of things and have a little control over your emotional systems.

Paradigm 3 : Don't be a bitch. Don't be a pussy.

Now that we've established the two traps we should definitely NOT fall into, what's left behind is something really good. You get to experience the entire spectrum of life while remaining in control of your emotions.

You embrace the challenges life sets for you without any fear of what happens. You've the motivation to do stuff. You get to be passionate about things. Yet you don't get upset over tiny things that come your way. You don't stop taking action, nor do you bitch if things don't turn out the way you exactly want them to.

That's how a sane person should actually behave. Just like Zach.


So yeah, that's what I've come up with.

Hopefully it'll become easier to ride the road once we've laid out the dangers we might encounter in it! 

Ofcourse, it's all laid out in theory here and it'll only help if it's actually put into practice.... hope we all get on it.

Still working on the Demon Theory post.

See ya next time.

Until then, stay ruthless. Cheers.

"It's true and false at the same time" *What The Fuck*

I was on a Facebook group just now and found out how semantics pose a huge problem in communicating well with others in the 'spiritual' groups. Some people, even after seeing the truth of 'no you' feel like this truth is both true and false at the same time.


After much discussion it turns out to be a case of mis-communicated and misunderstood semantics, which is why I thought I'd make a small post clarifying some semantics.


The whole point of RuthlessTruth is to bring people to check this assumption of having a self, which if investigated with honesty will lead to the realization that it has no substantial reality and merely a mirage.

Why a mirage of self exists in the first place is interesting and has a lot to do with thoughts. Hence the importance of investigating whether the thought of 'I' really means something. 

Check out this brilliant piece by Ciaran - Demon Theory - that goes deeply into how insidious thoughts can be and how the reality that thoughts depict of having a 'self' is essentially unreal. 


People often fall into debates about there being a 'self' that still exists (and is empty) even though there is 'no you'. Yeah that's true, i.e. if you're referring to the void/consciousness... but that's also incorrect because consciousness isn't owned by anything. 

Even to say 'I am That' with reference to the Void is absurd.

Void is just Void. Consciousness is just Consciousness.


That's it for now. 

I'm also writing a post on Ciaran's Demon Theory which I hope will serve to combine quite a few things. Have hit many dead-ends but hopefully will make some good progress soon enough. Let's see how it goes. 

Until then, stay ruthless. Cheers.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Your character and stuff

Its been about 3 days since I read Ciaran's post on 'The Act', and I gotta say, that it really is something.

So far there have been two core things that have come out of RT :

1. There is no 'you'
2. 'Maverick' (or whatever your name is) is a real fiction

The first statement really is the gate... to see the truth in it takes away all sorts of bullshit you have piled upon a tiny little thing which you refer to as your 'self'.

But, inspite of recognizing this fact of 'no self', you and your entire makeup remain pretty much the same.

Its because the character that is being played does not change.

To cover the fact of 'no you' the mind spins a brilliant character, brilliant in its texture and emotions.

A Real Fictional Character. What people commonly refer to as 'identity'.

I prefer the word 'character' since it is a much better way to describe such a thing, because identity begs the question - 'who are you?' - which for a person who is yet to recognize 'no you' seems like contradicting messages.

Seeing no 'you' is simple because you just have to recognize that the thing which you thought previously existing in real life doesn't.
But it gets quite interesting with this character thing.... this character that is spun is entirely fictional, but it exists. A real fiction.

Like watching a disney (or horror) movie... ofcourse the movie's story doesn't play out in real life exactly and its all make belief... but it still is there in the theatre for everyone to see.

Its a performance, a process of creative imagination brought into real life.... its a real creation based on an imaginary character.

Its freaking wonderful to be able to see this thing.... it really gives you that 'zen on drugs' type thing.

But anyway, much more thoughts to explore in this area.

Hope you're all doing good - check out RT n you'll find many cool things such as this, be able to get liberated from the 'self' etc.. and ofcourse one lucky winner will get instant abs.