Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clean Goodness

It is all too often in life that we find ourselves in situations where we feel like we are walking a tight rope and are losing balance, because all the good things which we possibly want to live with, manage to turn into some kind of monstrosity - our love turns into obsession, our peace into apathetic inaction etc.

The obvious choice is to fire on less than full cylinders. Live in 'moderation'. To live 'average'. To live less than what you are capable of because the possibility of you burning out is unquestionable.

Is this what it comes down to then - to not live fully?

No, there is a way out.

There is a place where you can live in goodness and not be worried about getting sucked into evil.

There is this story in Greek mythology about this guy called Icarus, and whats great about this story is that when I read the story, it struck me that it was very similar to what happens in our everyday lives.

Icarus basically was a dude whose dad made him wings of wax and feather for him to fly and escape some kind of prison where he was held up.

There were only two rules he had to obey when flying - don't fly too near the sun and don't fly too near the ocean.

One day, blinded by his ability to fly he decides to fly too close to the sun - gets his wax wings melted and eventually falls down and dies.

This tends to be the "normal" human experience - either we manage to fly too close to the sun and melt our wings, or we don't try push ourselves hard enough to take a good flight at all.

In the spectrum of life, good exists in the middle of the spectrum where on either side of it lurks evil. Evil which is ever ready to pollute and corrupt the goodness and turn it into some kind of monstrosity.

To remain in the sweet spot of good between those two extremes warrants caution. And it fucking sucks.

But what if I were to tell you that there is a place where there is no need for caution to get your wings burned down? what if I were to tell you that you could drive your life pedal to the metal without any harmful consequences?

There is a place where life is lived fully.

There is a place where all concerns for having something good corrupted into something out of control and essentially evil go out the window.

There is a place where goodness is clean.

Clean Goodness

Lets take up 'self-confidence' for example.

Do you feel that tingly sensation when you are about to do something important but you just have a hard time trusting 'yourself'? That's because somewhere deep down, you have never verified what does 'you' actually stand for. You fear what you don't know.

The 'self' remains in the dark and that's the place you never go to check because you're afraid. But if you would just have the courage to jump in the dark, with your lamp of honesty.... man you'll be surprised.

You'll be surprised to know that there was never ever a 'self' in the first place. EVER.

That's why the biggest flaw in this whole 'self-confidence' deal is this - an assumption of a 'self' in existence. Assuming there is a 'self' that exists which you can trust.

One quote I read by Russell Brand which I especially liked on this subject was -

"It's difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. No-one really feels self-confident deep down because it's an artificial idea."

There really isn't a 'self' for you to derive/place your confidence from/in. The idea of a 'self' is just an idea. The idea of an 'unicorn' is just an idea. An idea does not make anything real.

'Self' is a lie. But the lie of 'self' when alive will do everything in its power to survive.

Arrogance is a monstrous form of confidence. Its the lie's attempt to cover itself up with so much bullshit that you have shit all over your eyes forbidding you to see anything clearly.

Truth is empowering. Lies, no matter how grand they might seem on the surface are ultimately pretentious and like poisoned sugar... they taste sweet, but they end up fucking killing you.

Get the lie of 'self' out of your lives guys. Recognize the lie and it loses its power over you.

You can't go back on something which you have verified (not know - because there are many false assumptions which give you the sense of knowing but are actually flawed at the core) to be true.

Be open to the possibility that what you now assume to be true might be wrong. That's why, test this assumption. Test this assumption of a 'self' to be in existence. Be honest in putting this to the test.

Know that there is no 'you' to have a life, no 'you' to be the cause for 'your' life, no 'you' to have a body, no 'you' to have a mind.... everything just is... nothing belongs to anything... its just Life...

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